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Baltimore held on MLB MLB quarterly board of directors, the incumbent MLB COO Robert Manfred (Robert D. Manfred, Jr.) unanimously elected the tenth president of MLB. Manfred will be officially took office in January mlb jerseys cheap 2015, became MLB MLB new head.

MLB MLB current president Bud Saili grid (Allan H. (Bud) Selig) when it comes to the election of Manfred said: 'I have worked with more than 20 set with Robert witnessed his growing contribution to the Alliance, his leadership skills and enthusiasm for baseball led MLB will become the cornerstone to continue striding forward, his unanimous election also illustrates the MLB management of his trust, is the result of popular will. '

declared elected chairman Manfred president and the chairman of the Election Commission of St. Louis Cardinals Bill DeWitt (Bill DeWitt, Jr.) also spoke highly of Manfred: 'Elections Committee agreed that Manfred was received plug power grid mantle of leadership MLB MLB toward a new era of the best candidates, who camo baseball jerseys all these years has done a lot to promote the game more appealing more perfect foundation work, he emerged with the wisdom of the future direction of precise pre-sentence as well as baseball unparalleled respect to impress us. '

55, 1998 officially joined Manfred MLB MLB, served as executive vice president in charge of labor relations and human resources, the overall charge of labor negotiations with the MLB Players Association and MLB World Baseball Referee Association. Under his outstanding leadership, MLB in 2002, 2006 and 2011 three consecutive successful completion of negotiations with the MLB players union collective bargaining agreement, did not cause any break due to labor disputes arising hit. 2002 collective bargaining agreement signed considerable historical significance, which is 30 years and successfully fight off the agreement signed in the first did not produce, cheap baseball jerseys in stark contrast to MLB season due to labor disputes in the previous 30 years, playing off 8 times much. Signed in 2006 and two in the collective bargaining agreement in 2011 the full implementation of the power grid race MLB MLB president of the club on the balance of revenue and competitiveness of the mind, covers revenue sharing, salary adjustments and other important tax provisions, the establishment of a more equitable platform to ensure the game's exciting level and competitive. In 2001, the 13-time world championship was shared nine clubs, who qualify for MLB playoffs much more than 26 (MLB total of 30 teams)! Manfred outstanding leadership in these areas to ensure that the MLB MLB 21 consecutive years does not appear to produce off the fight because of a labor dispute, maintaining the integrity of the game, to enhance the brand image and influence the MLB.

2013 年 9 30, Manfred was promoted to executive vice president in charge of financial affairs with the Alliance, and is also MLB MLB chief operating officer, became Georgia's deputy Saili fully in charge of the President's office is responsible for all projects, including labor relations, baseball operations, baseball development, financial management and daily business management. He worked closely with the senior management of the club, successfully resolved the thorny issue of a series of baseball operations related to finance, management, finance and other areas, and cheap mlb jerseys in club management, introduction of new technology (including video playback and catcher home plate 2014 season begins execution contribute a lot of protection, etc.) and retired players management.

talked about his election, Manfred said: 'Thank MLB MLB and various clubs trust me, especially Cypriot president power grid over the years with the help and guidance of my baseball is the world's most. sports bar, I believe that if we work together, the contribution of our talents and abilities, baseball will have a mlb jerseys brighter future! '



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